Into the clouds

Being a commercial photographer I have the ability to experience a lot more than I ever thought possible. I am always geeked out when I am able to capture photographs or video of the events or training sessions for my clients. I am able to learn so much that I would have never learned on my own. Learning, meeting people, hearing the stories from others, putting more knowledge into my brain on every photo shoot, recharges my passion to create beautiful photographs.

A couple of weeks back I photographed a leadership training conference for MNDOG, called Inspiring Excellence. No, I know what you are thinking and that is not a Minnesota Dog association. The shoot was to document the day in photos and put a slideshow together to show at the end of the conference, recapping the day.

Through out the day you have the mindset of looking for beautiful light, great composition, nice timing, capturing  the right expression to make your photos tell a story.

The location for the conference was at the Mount Vernon Country Club. Mount Vernon Country Club has a banquet room that has an amazing view every other day of the year, except for the day of conference.  Mount Vernon Country Club is in the foothills and up on the side of a mountain. The day of the conference MVCC was in the clouds. No views for the entire day.

The window light was easy to work with. It was like the biggest soft box ever created. With soft light coming in every window providing light that was soft, not too contrasty or shadowy. I had the option of rim lighting on all the attendees. This rim light and focus popped the subject out of the background and made them the star of the photo.

MNDOG-Leadership-48MNDOG-Leadership-70MNDOG-Leadership-90 MNDOG-Leadership-213



After a great photoshoot at the MNDOG Conference, I decided to drive home a different way. I drove over Lookout Mountain to see the road disappear in the fog and see trees come out of the whiteness of the Fog. I couldn’t just drive through the fog, I had to take some photos along the way. I was amazed by the erie beauty of the fog and clouds that day. you could see the faint detail of a tree 50 yards away, a silhouette in the distance.

After taking some photos in the dense fog I drove down the mountain a bit. I looked for some more photos and then heard one of my friends yelling “JUSTIN!!!” As he drove by slowly. My friend Luke saw me driving down the mountain as he was driving up. We chatted a bit, and then he had to head down the mountain. Luke hoped in his Car and I set up for a photo of him driving.

Below my position was a hairpin corner. Luke drove through the corner and came out facing me. I snapped a photo at the right time and ended up with a great photo to end a great day of shooting photos.